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  • 053775550f2ebb69fdceafd8be8f75ae0059a151 Modern Playhouse
    Austin Patterson Disston Architects

    Set on a rocky outcrop in the back country of Greenwich, this 2,793 square-foot painted steel, glass and stucco structure recalls the garden pavilion tradition of the Italian Renaissance.

  • 87341354821405finleyexteriorstreetside-1 360° House
    Boora Studio

    The design directive for this private retreat on Arcadia Beach was simple: the site is ruled by the sea, the landscape and the climate, and the homeowners wanted to keep it that way.

  • Website_smith_001 Smith
    Studio B Architects

    Situated within a golf course community in Carbondale, Colorado, this project interprets the restrictive design review guidelines and draws its cues from regional agricultural structures and local materials.

  • 52d9e1e1e8e44efb2400011f_fairview-townhouse-bucchieri-architects_15_eastelevation Fairview Townhouse
    Bucchieri Architects

    Located in the heart of the historic Little Italy neighborhood in Cleveland, the townhouse is one of a pair of urban single-family residences at the foot of a hill dividing Little Italy from Cleveland Heights.

  • P-8 Stinson Beach House
    Butler Armsden Architects

    In 1950 a family bought a lot on the ocean at Stinson Beach in Northern California, but it wasn't until 1982 that they began to plan a house for three generations.

  • Bn_210114_01 Birds Nest Residence
    Kendle Design Collaborative

    The Birds Nest Residence is characterized by strong geometric forms and materials reminiscent of mid-century modern architecture with influences from Richard Neutra and noted Arizona architect Al Beadle.

  • 52cf5924e8e44e84960000e4_mintz-residence-robert-maschke-architects_131007_mintz_residence9 Mintz Residence
    Robert Maschke Architects

    The Mintz Residence is an urban villa located on Cleveland’s near west side.

  • Screen_shot_2014-01-17_at_1.54.50_pm Butterfly House
    Feldman Architecture

    Upon emerging from a cluster of oaks to a beautiful meadow and views beyond, the client imagined butterflies landing delicately on the site within the Santa Lucia Preserve.

  • Re_200710_02 Iowa City residence
    Substance Architecture

    This Iowa City residence, built in 1941 and subsequently expanded several times over the intervening decades, was a complex mass housing a warren of rooms with no overall sense of organization.

  • 52d4821fe8e44ef8bf00002b_riggins-house-robert-m-gurney-architect_05_rigginshouse Riggins House
    Robert Gurney Architects

    Located in Cabin John, Maryland, this 4,900 square foot house is sited at the end of a manicured lawn, and looks over the edge of a steeply sloping wooded site adjacent to the C&O Canal and the Potomac River.

  • Si_130114_11 South Island Residence
    KZ Architecture

    An expression of Modernism in the tropics, this Residence was recently completed in a small beach neighborhood, one of the last single family enclaves along South Florida’s coast line.

  • 52cb7be6e8e44e1bc800005e_car-park-house-anonymous-architects_front_door_and_bridge Car Park House
    Anonymous Architects

    Starting with a vacant lot with a very steep down slope from the street, the design of the house places the carport on the roof with the residence below.

  • Th_080114_15 Tea Houses
    Swatt Miers

    Years ago, when the owner and his young daughter explored the remote hills surrounding their Silicon Valley home, they discovered an idyllic setting below a ridge, under a grove of large Californian Live Oaks.

  • Ro_060114_04 Rockledge Residence
    Horst Architects

    Perched atop the vertical face of a rocky, coastal promontory...

  • Jpeg-6 Sun Valley Residence
    Allied Works Architecture

    The Sun Valley Residence was built for a prominent patron and her extended family.